contractor insurance Calgary

Make sure you have the right contractor insurance regardless if you are an independent contractor or a business supplying general contractor services.

There are various levels of packages to fit your needs and budget.

Having insurance packages will protect you from monetary loss and help secure jobs. Companies want to know that while you are working on their project you are covered if the unexpected happens.

Alberta Contractors

There are thousands of contractors in Alberta that require contactor insurance including:

contractor insurance
Construction, HVAC, Plumbing Coverage

What is Contractor Liability Insurance?

Contractor Liability Insurance also called general liability insurance for contractors, supplies financial protection in the event a contractor causes damages or bodily injury to clients or third parties. The insurance steps in and pays the damages, including lawsuit defense or settlements, property damage, theft etc.

Homeowners want to know that they are covered if you damage their property while completing your project.

There are many times when insurance coverage is helpful including:

Contractor Liability Insurance
Protect against the unexpected

As a business owner, you know that the smallest challenge to a project can be a large expense. From an on-site accident to the theft of equipment, it slows the productivity of a project. We make sure you are covered for the unexpected.

Not all Contractors need the same package with the same coverage, you need something built for you. Asset Insurance Brokers will get you connected with the right Insurance Partner to fit your needs.

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